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Places to Visit in Howrah

Located on the Hoogly River’s west bank, Howrah or “Haora” is also popular as “twin city” of Kolkata. There are a couple of exciting places to check out in Howrah. Those who are visiting Howrah for the first time here is a description of some must-visit places in Howrah:

Belur Math in Howrah District

Belur Math Howrah
Belur Math is a renowned temple located in the Howrah district of West Bengal. This temple is dedicated to Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. Earlier this temple was popular as “Baranagar Math” because it was positioned at a place named “Baranagar”.

In the year 1899, Belur Math was moved to Belur by Vivekanada who was the pupil of Shri Ramkrishna. The temple is situated beside the Hooghly River. The temple has a magnificent architecture which attracts numerous tourists throughout the year. 

Entry fees: Free
Timings: The temple remains open from 6.30 AM to 7.00 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Howrah Bridge 

The Howrah Bridge

Constructed above the Hooghly River, the Howrah Bridge is the most important landmark of the city of Howrah.

The Howrah Bridge is also famous as the “Rabindra Setu” (in Bengali) among the locals. This eminent bridge of Howrah was revealed in the year 1943.

The twin cities of Howrah and Kolkata are interconnected with the Howrah Bridge. This cantilever bridge is recognized as one of the biggest bridges all over the globe.

The perfect time to enjoy the panorama of the Howrah Bridge is in the hours of darkness. During this time the entire bridge is illuminated and looks lovely.   

Second Hooghly Bridge or the Vidyasagar Setu

Vidyasagar SetuThis bridge is the 2nd bridge after the Howrah Bridge which is constructed over the Hooghly River. The second Hooghly Bridge links Kolkata and Howrah.

This bridge is approximately 822.96 meters long and is considered to be the longest cable stayed bridge throughout India. Not only in India but the Vidyasagar Setu is known as one of the lengthiest bridges in Asia as well.

The name of the bridge has been derived from Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, who was an educator, reformer, philosopher and philanthropist of West Bengal in 19th century. This bridge was constructed by the joint venture of Public sector undertakings and private firms working under the control of the Commissioners of Hooghly River Bridge.

Gadiara in Howrah

This is a town situated in the Howrah district which is another attraction of Howrah. Gadiara is located at the junction of 3 rivers- Hooghly, Damodar and Rupnarayan River. Here one can see the ruins of “Mornington Fort” constructed in the period of Lord Clive’s reign. The travelers can also enjoy the boat ride in the river located here and get to the other side of this river, which is another tourist attraction known as Geonkhali. There is another attraction called “Garchumuk” which is a picnic spot located nearby Gadiara. Read More Here.

Garchumuk in Howrah

Garchumuk is another beautiful spot which is a must-see in Howrah.  Located at the convergence of Damodar and Hooghly rivers, this place of attraction also offers the scenic view of Ganges. In Garchumuk the main attraction is the “Barrage” which is also popular as the 58 Number Gate or “Atanna Gate” which highlights fifty eight lock gates. This is also a well-known picnic spot in Howrah where the travelers can take pleasure in boat rides on waters of River Hooghly. A deer park is also located in Garchumuk which is also worth mentioning. Read More Here.

Deulti Village in Howrah

Deulti Village in HowrahThis beautiful village is situated on the bank of Roopnarayan River and is another well-known tourist attraction in Howrah.

Deulti is famous for its heritage and culture and it enthralls a plethora of travelers with its picturesque beauty.

Here one can enjoy strolling along rustic pathways of Deulti which leads to the bank of river Roopnarayan.  Another must-see places in Deulti are the temples of Madanigopal and Radha.

Deulti is also famous as it is the hometown of the renowned Bengali author “Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay” who has written popular novels like - Devdas , Srikanta, Parineeta and many more remarkable novels.

Santragachi Jheel

Santragachi Jheel in HowrahSantragachi Jheel occupies an area of 32 acres and is a well-known bird sanctuary in Howrah. During the months of December and January a large number of migratory birds from distant places flock together in Santragachi Jheel.

This beautiful lake is positioned at the heart of Howrah and it is merely 10 Km from Kolkata. Birds like cotton pygmy goose and comb duck etc. are a must-see for the travelers who come to view this lake.

Santragachi Lake is preserved by the Forest Department, West Bengal. The Forest Ministry, West Bengal is also planning to convert this lake into a “Wildlife Conservation Center”.

Anand Niketan Kirtishala Museum

This is a museum which is nestled at “Bagnan” located in the Howrah district of West Bengal. Anand Niketan Kirtishala museum comprises many stone sculptures, ancient potteries, bronze icons, manuscripts, terracotta figures, coins, temple terracotta plaques, wooden items and scroll paintings. People can also view a library inside this museum. The museum also retains a card index which includes the info of the mediaeval temples and historical spots of Bengal which are located nearby.  Read More Here.

Timings: 11 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Sunday.

The Indian Botanical Garden

Earlier it was also known as “Royal Botanic Gardens”. The Indian Botanical garden is mainly famous for its “banyan Tree” which is around 250 years old and has the biggest canopy on the earth. The tree is so dense that if it is viewed from a distance it will give an appearance of a forest instead of a single tree. Botanical garden houses around 12,000 living plants and comprises specimens of 2.5 million dried up plants. All these plant species have been collected from different parts of world. Read More Here.

Entry fees: Free
Timings: From 10 AM to 5 PM

Mahishrekha in Howrah District

Temple in MahishrekhaMahishrekha is a scenic village and an attractive picnic spot in Howrah district.

This picturesque place is situated on the Damodar River’s banks and is one of the most sought-after weekend getaways in Howrah.

“Kulgachi” is the railway station which is located at a stone's throw away from Mahishrekha. The distance between Mahishrekha and Kulgachi railway station is 4 Kilometer.

One can take any south eastern local train heading towards Medinipiur, Pansukra, Kharagpur or Mecheda and get down at the Kulgachi railway station.

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