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Tourist Places near Howrah

Tourist Places near HowrahHowrah is a very important city just across the River Hooghly from Kolkata. The railway station at Howrah is one of the most crucial ones in the whole country, connecting the rest of the country with the eastern part of India.

There are a lot of tourist places around Howrah and a large number of tourists visit them every year.

We have mentioned the following places in this article:

  • Bakkhali
  • Bardhaman
  • Tarakeshwar
  • Kamarpukur
  • Kolkata
  • Chandannagar
  • Jairambati

Bakkhali from Howrah

Distance from Howrah: 152.1 km

Bakkhali is a coastal resort in South Bengal near the "Sunderbans". It has a very good beach from where tourists can enjoy the sunsets and sunrises every day. The Sea beach from Bakkhali to Frasergunj is a very long one and tourists can enjoy a ride over here.


Things to Do in Bakkhali

People can go for a swim in the sea and enjoy themselves on the beach. They can take a boat ride from Frasergunj to Jambu Dwip, an island which is uninhabited and in the middle of the sea. Henry’s Island is a short trip away from Bakkhali. Tourists can visit these places on rickshaws. The rickshaw ride is a very pleasant one while enjoying the cool sea breeze.  The Crocodile Park is another place to visit.

Places to Stay

There are a lot of places to stay in Bakkhali. The WBTDC Lodge and New Hotel Parijat are some of the best options. The sea food available here is great. The accommodations are available at an affordable budget.

How to Reach Bakkhali

Bakkhali can be reached by hired cars and buses by road. Tourists can take trains from Sealdah to Namkhana and take a bus from there. That journey also takes around 3 hours but it is the cheapest of all the travel options. Tourists can avail a number of bus services from the Esplanade bus stop.

Bardhaman from Howrah

Distance from Howrah: 160.4 km

Bardhaman is a couple of hours from Howrah. There are a lot of places of historical importance in this city. A lot of tourists visit Bardhaman every year. Bardhaman is a very important place and acts as a bridge between the southern and northern parts of Bengal. The district is a huge one and the main livelihood of the people here is farming.

Places of Attraction

The tourists have a lot of spots to go to. Damodar River flows past Burdwan. There are picnic spots along the bank of the river. Boating facilities are there as well. The Bijoy Toron, which is identical to the Gateway of India in Mumbai is a landmark tower in Bardhaman. The Town Hall is another good example of wonderful architecture. The temple of Devi Sarbamangala is another very popular destination in Burdwan. The deity is very much revered in this part of Bengal. A lot of devotees visit this temple and offer their prayers to the Goddess on special occasions. There are a number of other places of tourist attraction outside the main Bardhaman town as well. These places have a lot of tourists visiting them especially during the winter season.

How to Reach Bardhaman

A lot of trains are available from the Howrah station. It takes a couple of hours from Howrah. Tourists can hire a car as well. They can reach Bardhaman in an hour from Howrah. Buses are available from Esplanade as well, but it is better to avail the trains or hire a car. The journey by train is a very pleasant one while enjoying the natural beauty of Bengal. The lush green paddy fields are a beautiful sight. The road journey is a very comfortable one as well. The roads are very good.

Places to Stay

There are a lot of government guest houses and bungalows in Bardhaman. Many hotels are there as well having all the basic amenities that the travelers might need. All accommodation facilities are available at an affordable price. There are hotels and guest houses for tourists who want to stay at a luxurious place as well.

Tarakeshwar from Howrah

Distance from Howrah: 49 km

Tarakeshwar is a popular pilgrimage place for religious devotees in the Hooghly district. The Hindu people regard this place very highly and they come in large numbers during special worship days. Millions of devotees come to Tarakeshwar by foot from distant places before the Shiv Ratri and pour holy water of Ganga on the Lingam. This is considered to be a very significant custom in this part of Bengal.

Places of Attraction

Tarakeshwarhas a few places to see. Among them the main is obviously the main Shiva Temple. The devotees pour holy water from the River Ganges and milk on the Shiv Lingam and offer their prayers. There are long queues of devotees which show their faith on Lord Shiva. The Dudhpukur Tank where the milk and the holy water drain into is another sight to see. A Buddha temple is also there in Tarakeshwar.

How to Reach Tarakeshwar

Trains are available from the Howrah station to Tarakeshwar. It takes a little more than an hour by train. The trains run at regular intervals. Tourists can also opt for hired cars which shall take a bit less time. Buses are available from Howrah and Esplanade in Kolkata as well.

Places to Stay

There are a lot of accommodation facilities in Tarakeshwar at an affordable budget. The food available in these lodges and hotels are very homely in nature.

Kamarpukur from Howrah

Distance from Howrah: 77.8 km


Kamarpukur is the birthplace of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa who has made a big impact not just in India but worldwide as well. Sri Ramakrishna is one of the greatest saints to have been born in India as well as the world. The broad mindedness of his teachings has stood the test of time and hence he has so many millions of followers around the world.

Places of Attraction

Kamarpukur has a lot of places with the memories of the great saint, Sri Ramakrishna. The birthplace of Ramakrishna is the most visited place among the lot. The pond (where Ramakrishna would have a swim during his childhood days) and his first school are other places to see. The Ramakrishna Mission has built an ashram around this place and it is very well maintained by the Mission authorities. The tourist can go on a sight-seeing trip around the place and enjoy the simple scenic beauty of the village. A lot of tourists visit Kamarpukur during special occasions like the birth anniversaries of Sri Ramakrishna and Maa Sarada.

How to Reach Kamarpukur

Tourists can hire a car from Kolkata or Howrah and enjoy a ride to Kamarpukur. Trains are available from Howrah to Kamarkundu from where buses can be availed to reach Kamarpukur.

Places to Stay

There are quite a few guest houses in the area as a lot of tourists visit the place all year round. The guest houses and lodges have all the basic facilities needed and the tourists can stay there in comfort.

Kolkata from Howrah

Distance from Howrah: 37.3 km


One of the four metropolitan cities of India, Kolkata was the capital of the country till 1911. There are a lot of tourist spots in the cities with a lot of historical importance. Kolkata, being the capital of Bengal acts as a vital city in the Eastern zone of the country. The credit of most buildings at the heart of the city goes to the British. They had constructed a number of schools, colleges, administrative buildings and churches in the city.

Places of Attraction

Among the numerous important tourist destinations, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, National Library, Alipur Zoo, Howrah Bridge are the pick of the lot. Victoria Memorial was built in the memory of Queen Victoria and stands as a wonderful piece of architecture in the middle of the city. The building is made of white marble and looks absolutely majestic. The Indian Museum has a number of historical items. The Museum bears a testimony to the growth of human civilization over the years. The National Library has a huge stock of books and historical documents. This place is a very popular destination among avid readers.

The Alipur Zoo has a huge variety of animals. The tourists can get to see rare animals from close. The zoo is a very popular picnic spot and the huge area of the zoo helps in that aspect.  The Howrah Bridge which links Kolkata to Howrah is a very important landmark over here. The cantilever bridge is a very important engineering feat, considering it was built so many years back. A large number of vehicles ply on the bridge every day.

How to Reach Kolkata from Howrah

Tourists can take cabs or buses from the Howrah station to reach Kolkata. The ride from Howrah to Kolkata is a short and enjoyable ride across the Howrah Bridge. The cool breeze of the River Hooghly welcomes the tourists to Kolkata. Transport is a thing of least worry when it comes to visiting Kolkata from Howrah.

Places to Stay

Kolkata has large number of luxury as well as budget accommodation facilities. There are several five star accommodations at the heart of the city providing luxurious facilities to their guests. In case the tourists want to opt for budget accommodations, there are plenty of such options around the city. All kinds of basic amenities are present here. The food has a distinct flavour in this part of India. When in Kolkata, it is best advisable to enjoy the local cuisine which is tasty as well as affordable.

Chandannagar from Howrah

Distance from Howrah: 60.8 km

Chandannagar was a French settlement on the banks of the Hooghly River in the Hooghly district of West Bengal.  It has a number of temples, churches and museums all over the place. The city bears a testimony to the French till today. The architecture of the important buildings over here have a strong French influence.

Places of Attraction

The Chandannagar Strand along the Hooghly River is the most popular spot. People enjoy the cool breeze of the River Hooghly and have an evening stroll. The Strand is very beautifully maintained and the tourists will have a truly pleasurable experience over here.  A lot of people also visit the Chandannagar Museum and the Nandadulal Temple. The Museum was built by the French.

How to Reach Chandannagar from Howrah

Trains are available at regular intervals from Howrah station. Cars can be hired as well. The journey by trains take less than an hour. The car journey takes even less time.

Places to Stay

A number of guest houses and lodges are there. The food is good. The accommodations are available at an affordable price.

Jairambati from Howrah

Distance from Howrah: 83.8 km

Jairambati is located in the Hooghly district. This is the birthplace of Maa Sarada, Holy Mother and wife of Sri Ramakrishna. This place has many locations with the memories of Maa Sarada. Sri Ramakrishna used to visit this village quite often. Jairambati is quite close to Kamarpukur. Sri Ramakrishna met Ma Sarada at this place. Sri Ramakrishna was 23 years old and Maa Sarada was 6 years old when they got married.

Places of Attraction

The birthplace of the Mother is the most important place to visit. Other places with the memories of both Sri Ramakrishna and Maa Sarada are there as well. The simple village environment is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the city life for the tourists. Ramakrishna Mission has maintained the place very nicely.

How to Reach Jairambati from Howrah

The tourists visit Jairambati from Kamarpukur by cars or buses. Jairambati is about 5 km away from Kamarpukur.

Places to Stay

Guest houses are there with the basic needs.

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